• MOXIE Makes Oxygen on Mars!
    The MOXIE System
    aboard NASA’s Perseverance Rover
  • OxEon Advantage
    Ruggedized hermetic stack
    that enables energy storage solutions and
    high purity gas production
  • Stack Advancements
    Lifetime Performance Capabilities
    Advanced Sealing Technologies
    Unparalleled Strength in Operation
  • Accelerated Development
    Materials Science Expertise
    Proven Stack Development Process
    Engineering Systems Support
  • Synchronous Technologies
    Gas Reforming Proficiency
    Gas to Liquid Fuel Refinement


Beyond Current Potential ™

OxEon Energy’s technology suite enables energy storage solutions capable of breaking long accepted limitations in the renewable energy market. Our focus on component and systems development establishes revolutionary and accessible pathways to bring the implementation of renewable energy Beyond Current Potential. ™

30 Years of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Development

OxEon Energy Team

The OxEon Energy team boasts over 30 years of solid oxide fuel cell development, with the last 15 years focused on the development and improvement of solid oxide electrolyzers.
This development history has led to a ruggedized, hermetic stack design that will be capable of utilizing electricity for the production of high purity oxygen, hydrogen, or syngas.
The OxEon design will enable energy storage solutions capable of addressing the many challenges facing the integration of renewable energy sources.

OxEon Stack

Distributed Fuel Synthesis from Renewable Power

SOEC for hydrogen, oxygen, and syngas production
25kW modules, scalable to application

Fuel-Flexible Operation
in SOFC Mode

Diesel, Jet-A/JP-8, propane, biogas, natural gas
10kW modules, scalable to application

OxEon Energy
Stack Advantages

High-efficiency conversion
Rugged design and hermetic sealing
Noise- and vibration-free

NASA Mars 2020 Rover

We developed and flight-qualified a rugged, hermetic solid oxide electrolysis stack (SOXE) used to successfully produce oxygen aboard NASA’s Perseverance Rover.

Learn more about the OxEon team’s development efforts to produce a system capable of withstanding the challenging mechanical, structural, and thermal constraints necessary for a mission on Mars.