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Large Scale Validation of Reversible Fuel Cell

Solid Oxide Fuel Stack

OxEon is manufacturing a solid oxide cell (SOC) system that operates in both electrolysis and fuel cell modes for Idaho National Lab (INL). In electrolysis mode at 30kW, the system will produce hydrogen from steam. During 10kW fuel cell operation, the system will produce electricity from hydrogen. The project includes collaboration with researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop new catalysts to improve SOC performance and durability.

The project builds on OxEon’s previous work with INL that produced 5kW and 10kW SOC systems. The goal of the project is to advance high temperature electrolysis technology that produces clean, stable, and reliable energy from industrial waste heat, concentrated solar energy, or fuel cell thermal energy.

Ask an OxEon Expert how we can help with:

  • Ruggedized Hermetic SOEC Stacks Hydrogen/Oxygen/Syngas Production (SOEC)
  • SOFC Stacks for Power Generation (SOFC)
  • Systems Development Support
  • Supporting Technologies for Liquid Fuel Production (Fischer Tropsch or Plasma Reformer Technologies)