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MOXIE Program

Mars 2020 MOXIE Laboratory and Principal Investigator
MOXIE Stack Design

The NASA Mars 2020 mission will land a Curiosity class rover on Mars with a set of seven new science instruments. One of these instruments, MOXIE, the Mars Oxygen ISRU (In Situ Resource Utilization) Experiment, will demonstrate oxygen production by solid oxide electrolysis of Mars atmosphere CO2.

  • Flight-qualified for the Mars 2020 mission
  • Capable of withstanding shock, vibe, and compression
  • 99.8%+ O2 purity after 20+ operational cycles
  • Low cycle to cycle performance degradation on dry CO2


MOXIE: Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment

Ask an OxEon expert about:

  • Ruggedized Hermetic SOEC Stacks Hydrogen/Syngas Production (SOEC)
  • SOFC Stacks for Power Generation
  • Systems Development Support
  • Supporting Technologies for Liquid Fuel Production (Fischer Tropsch or Plasma Reformer Technologies)