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[North Salt Lake, Utah, March 14, 2024] –

OxEon Energy is thrilled to announce a game-changing development: securing funding from the US Department of Energy under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to propel its solid oxide electrolysis (SOEC) manufacturing capabilities to new heights. SOEC stands as a pinnacle of efficiency, producing hydrogen or synthesis gas with unparalleled efficacy for energy storage, sustainable fuel production and for industrial processes. OxEon has already showcased this groundbreaking technology aboard the Mars Perseverance Rover within NASA's Mars Oxygen In Situ Resource Utilization Experiment (MOXIE) and has since successfully scaled the SOEC device for earthbound applications.

This funding injection will be used to increase OxEon Energy's manufacturing capabilities, targeting 25 MWe annual production capacity while streamlining processes and decreasing stack manufacturing costs, as a steppingstone for OxEon’s first Gigawatt facility. The project will involve assessing risks, opportunities, workforce, and energy impact, engaging key stakeholders for evaluation and mitigation planning. OxEon Energy is committed to upholding top-tier efficiencies and product reliability throughout this endeavor.

Project Highlights:

Automation Evolution: OxEon Energy will leverage cutting-edge automation technologies to transform key processes, driving down labor costs and increasing throughput. The automated equipment will be tailor-made for a 25 MWe annual production capacity, with scalability envisioned for a fully automated GWe facility.

Quality Control Improvements: In-line quality inspection protocols will improve product oversight, enhancing control, yields, and cost-effectiveness.

Strategic Collaboration: OxEon Energy is partnering with industry leaders like JR Automation, ASYS Group, ONEJOON Inc., and Silverstone Automation to spearhead the development and integration of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Collaborations with NREL, PNNL, University of New Mexico, University of Utah, Georgia Institute of Technology, Florida A&M University, and the Utah Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI) will center on developing quality systems, conducting technoeconomic analyses, and strategizing and implementing community benefits plans.

Community Empowerment: Prioritizing workforce development, OxEon Energy will champion diverse recruitment, forge robust supplier networks, and foster internships, apprenticeships, and training alliances with educational institutions.

OxEon's Vision: "We are ecstatic about securing funding from the US Department of Energy for our manufacturing automation and scale up plan," states Jessica Elwell, Chief Operating Officer at OxEon Energy and program Principal Investigator. "This initiative isn't just about bolstering our manufacturing capabilities—it's about job creation, investment attraction, sustainable growth of the hydrogen economy, and solidifying OxEon Energy's position as a global frontrunner in solid oxide systems."

About OxEon Energy: OxEon Energy is a leader in advanced energy solutions, specializing in cutting-edge technologies for a sustainable future. With a commitment to innovation, OxEon strives to address the world’s most pressing energy challenges, from space exploration to renewable energy on Earth. For more information, visit or email [email protected].

OxEon Press Release - 14Mar24 - 25MW SOEC System

Other News

Utah is the place to set up shop!

Utah is the place to set up shop!

We were privileged to host Senator Mitt Romney at OxEon last week.

OxEon transforms energy conversion

OxEon transforms energy conversion

“For the first time ever in the history of humanity,” said CEO Joseph Hartvigsen, “someone has taken a resource not originating on Earth and converted it into a useful product by applying chemical engineering principles.”

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As director of alternate fuels and energy systems at the Idaho National Laboratory, Frost collaborated with his OxEon Energy co-founders, Dr. S. Elango Elangovan and Joseph Hartvigsen, on projects involving solid oxide on and off for three decades.

Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) Meetup and Speaker Series

We are honored to support Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) with a keynote presentation by our Director of Product Development, Jessica A.


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