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Our versatile team can play a key role in advancing your work in the area of energy storage solutions and be a valuable resource in the development and production of custom catalyst or ceramic powder formulations.

Solutions for energy or resource related challenges

OxEon engineers have the acumen and experience to interpret needs and apply the best individualized solution for the customers’ energy or resource related challenges. The OxEon team takes pride in the innovative technological approaches they have provided to their customers. The application of SOEC technology to produce oxygen from Mars atmosphere CO2 in the MOXIE project is one of the novel uses of OxEon Energy’s technology to increase value of natural resources.

OxEon engineer printing on an electrode ink layer on a solid oxide electrolysis cell.
OxEon engineer weighing chemicals in the synthesis lab.
OxEon engineer working on the electrical panel for the Syngas production skid.

Custom Solutions

Enabling energy storage solutions capable of addressing the many challenges facing the integration of renewable energy sources.
  • Non-Thermal Gliding Arc Plasma Reformer

    Plasma Reformer

    For use in syngas/hydrogen production and as hazardous gas neutralization via oxidation.

  • OxEon’s Fischer Tropsch Reactor Technology

    Fischer Tropsch Reactor

    Produces a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons, a synthetic crude, similar to jet and diesel fuel.

  • Solid Oxide Technology

    Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

    One of the most environmentally friendly methods for production of electricity and heat.

  • Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells (SOEC)

    Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells

    Stable, reliable electrolysis stack to produce hydrogen from steam electrolysis or synthesis gas.


Versatile Team

OxEon has both the capacity and the capability to develop and produce custom functional inorganic materials, from lab to medium scale production volume.
  • OxEon Solutions

    Synthetic Fuel Production
    Synthesis gas production
    High Purity H2 or O2 Gas Production
    Custom Catalyst Support Formulations
    Custom Electrode Powder/ Ink Formulation

  • OxEon Solutions

    Hazardous Gas Passivation
    Research or Data Driven Work
    Natural Gas Value Addition
    Energy Storage Solutions

OxEon's projects

Ask an OxEon Expert how we can help with:

  • Ruggedized Hermetic SOEC Stacks Hydrogen/Oxygen/Syngas Production (SOEC)
  • SOFC Stacks for Power Generation (SOFC)
  • Systems Development Support
  • Supporting Technologies for Liquid Fuel Production (Fischer Tropsch or Plasma Reformer Technologies)