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Plasma Reformer

Non-Thermal Gliding Arc Plasma Reformer

OxEon engineer installing small scale plasma reformer for syngas production.

OxEon's Plasma Reformer technology has an established record with commercial customers for use in syngas/hydrogen production as well as hazardous gas neutralization via oxidation. This technology can provide a substantial price advantage against direct and substitute products in the small size range of ≤ 10 MMSCF per day of H2 or synthesis gas (i.e. carbon monoxide and hydrogen) production. The plasma reformer technology can convert any hydrocarbon that can be vaporized into synthesis gas (syngas).

Plasma Reformer Datasheet

Non-Thermal Gliding Arc Plasma Reformer

Natural gas and biogas are common low cost feedstocks, but reforming of jet and diesel fuel have been demonstrated as well as less common materials such as recovered paint solvents or tars produced in biomass gasification.

OxEon’s plasma reformer product can be sold at pricing that is at least 30% below current competitive products making it a viable, economical option on the commercial market. This product can be designed and tailored to our customer’s specific needs and resource constraints. Contact OxEon regarding our plasma reformer technology and discuss if this technology can be the right solution for your situation.

OxEon Energy’s plasma reformer during its electrode arc test.

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