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Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells (SOEC)

OxEon Energy’s Solid Oxide Electrolysis stack.

OxEon Energy has modified its solid oxide fuel cell technology to provide a stable, reliable electrolysis stack to produce hydrogen from steam electrolysis or synthesis gas (i.e. hydrogen and carbon monoxide) from water vapor (steam) and carbon dioxide co-electrolysis. The solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) technology is also capable of co-producing high purity oxygen from these feedstocks.

Solid Oxide Systems Datasheet

One of OxEon’s achievements with this technology has been its success in producing high purity oxygen from a supply of carbon dioxide that simulated the Martian atmosphere. OxEon’s SOEC technology will play a vital role in Project MOXIE on the Mars 2020 rover.

NASA Curiosity's Selfie at Aberlady and Kilmarie above Mars
Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells (SOEC)

OxEon’s SOEC stack will demonstrate that oxygen production can be achieved through electrolysis of CO2 in the Mars atmosphere as will be required for a future manned mission to the planet.

OxEon Energy’s Solid Oxide Electrolysis stack.

NASA has demonstrated an increasing commitment to SOEC technology and its development in recent years as the public desire for a manned mission to Mars has intensified. OxEon has proven itself a world leader in developing SOEC technology and will continue to undertake projects that improve the performance and long-term viability of our electrolysis stacks.

SOEC technology is under rapid development and projects such as the use of SOECs to create oxygen from the Martian atmosphere is helping OxEon progress through the learning curve to make the technology commercially viable for applications on earth.

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